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Telesight Magnifiers Inc. is a supplier of all types of magnifier, magnifying glass products and custom magnifiers including magnifying lamps, magnifying glass with light, low vision, hand held, desktop and headband magnifiers. 



Magnifier and Magnifying Glass . Magnifier and magnifying glass products are available in many styles and have many uses. For example, a low vision magnifying glass with light is available as a hand magnifier, desk magnifier, clip-on magnifier or headband magnifier. 

Our magnification products are used for reading, assembly, low vision and inspection


Hand Magnifier: (Handheld MagnifierAll of our hand magnifier models are ergonomically correct for hand comfort. We have large selection of lighted handheld magnifier and low vision aspheric hand magnifier models which allow for high power with out distortion.


Desk Magnifier: (Desktop Magnifier) Our desk magnifier and desktop magnifier products enable the user to have hands free use and the lighted desk magnifiers increase the quality of the image being viewed. Desk magnifiers are excellent for crafts, reading, inspection, assembly and desk magnifier models for the visually impaired.


Magnifying Lamp: We offer a large selection of high quality magnifying lamps including  magnifying desk lamp, goose-neck magnifying lamp, swing arm magnifying lamp and clamp-on magnifying lamp models. Our magnifying lamps are used for assembly, inspection  hobby, craft and laboratory applications.


Magnifying Glass With Light: (Illuminated Magnifier) (Lighted Magnifier) We inventory hand held lighted magnifier, desktop lighted magnifier and table top magnifying glass with light models. Our lighted magnifying glass models are used for reading, inspection, crafts and assembly.  


Page Magnifier: (Sheet Magnifiers) Page magnifiers contain a Fresnel lens which permits whole page viewing and is excellent for reading books and newspapers. The maximum power on this type of low vision full page magnifier is 2X to 4X. We stock hands free full page magnifier, goose-neck full page magnifier, desk full page magnifier and table full page magnifier models.


 Headband Magnifiers: (Visor Magnifiers) (Magnifying Visors) These are hands free head strap magnifiers that are available as binocular headband magnifier with light and headband magnifying glass in various magnifying powers. Excellent for reading, hobbies and crafts and all close work as they provide higher powers then ordinary glasses..


Telesight Magnifiers:  Excellent head worn magnifier that permits hand free use and is available in 6 powers. This hands free magnifier is very light in weight and comfortable to wear. Excellent magnifier for low vision, reading, crafts, assembly and inspection.


Low Vision Magnifiers:(Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired) Large selection of lighted low vision magnifiers for the visually impaired including low vision magnifiers for reading, digital low vision magnifiers , desktop low vision magnifiers, hand low vision magnifiers and low vision magnifiers for macular degeneration.


Jewelers Loupes: We have an extensive inventory of jewelers loupes in various powers. Our jewelers eye loupes have cushioned rims for user comfort.



Common Conditions Of The Eye.

Nearsighted- To be nearsighted means you have problems seeing objects that are far away.

Farsighted- To be farsighted means you can see far away but not up close.

Presbyopia- Due to ageing, the eye has a reduced ability to focus on near point objects

Astigmatism- A defect in the curvature of the lens of the eye which will cause blurred vision.

Cataract- Clouding of the lens of the eye which leads to a decrease in vision.

Macular Degeneration- Loss of the central part of the field of vision that occurs especially in the elderly.

Rules Of Magnification.   

-The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed, and the smaller the field of view.

-As the power of a lens increases, the diameter of the lens decreases.

-Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.

- High power magnifiers, such as 8x must be held steady, or else they will be out of focus.


Below are some of our most popular magnifiers. 


Pay $8.00 postage for first item ordered. Free postage on all additional items. Your postage will always be $8.00 per order.(domestic orders only).   


full page hands free magnifier.jpg
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3X Full Page Sheet Magnifier-Hands Free
Use for Reading And Inspection.
Lens Focus: Up To 4 Inches.  
Lens Size: 8.5" x 9.75".



stand magnifier.jpgClarity Goose-Neck Full Page Magnifier

 Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.
 Hands Free Page Magnifier-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"

Sight-Booster Headband Magnifier Deluxe Kit.

All models come with 3 coated lens plates: 1.75x, 2.25x, 2.75x.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.


headband magnifierNon-Lighted  binocular magnifier.jpgLighted headbndmagnifieradjustableratchet.gif Adjustable Headband    


Hands Free Clarity Full Page Magnifier

full page sheet magnifying glass magnifier.jpg

 Base            full page magnifier 

Available as:

Lighted Full Page Base Magnifier.



Telesight Binocular Magnifier-Hands Free

telesight headband magnifier-binocular magnifier


Reading-Low Vision-Dental-Medical-Jewelers-Assembly-Crafts.




Page Magnifier Page magnifiers (full page magnifier, sheet magnifier) consist of a flat Fresnel lens made of flexible (pvc) or rigid (acrylic) plastic sheet that magnifies a large area such as a whole book page. We have available unique hands free full page magnifiers not available elsewhere


Clip-On Magnifier All clip-on magnifier (clip-on magnifying glass) products will help to eliminate eyestrain and will clip-on to most frames. Our clip-on magnifier products flip up, when extra magnification is not needed. We inventory the following clip-on magnifier models: clip-on magnifier for reading, high power clip-on magnifier, clip-on magnifier hands free, clip-on magnifier for low vision, clip-on magnifier for the visually impaired, clip-on magnifier for crafts, clip-on magnifier for sewing.


Desk Magnifier Desk magnifiers are available in many powers and styles and have many different applications. We inventory the following desk magnifiers: desk magnifier for low vision, desk magnifier for reading, clamp-on desk magnifier, goose-neck desk magnifier, desk magnifier with base and lighted desk magnifier models.


Binocular Magnifier Binocular magnifiers consist of two prismatic lenses that allow for high power magnification. We inventory binocular magnifier products as follows: headband binocular magnifier, clip-on binocular magnifier, visor binocular magnifier, low vision binocular magnifier and craft binocular magnifier models. The Telesight Half Frame binocular magnifier model is a favorite with jewelers and the visually impaired.


Headband Magnifier Headband Magnifiers (visor magnifier, headset magnifier, head strap magnifier) are worn on the head and produce magnification in excess of ordinary glasses. We inventory the following: jewelers headband magnifier, headband magnifier for hobbies, lighted headband magnifier, led lighted headband magnifier, headband magnifier for low vision, magnifying glass headband magnifier.


Hand Magnifier Hand magnifiers, handheld magnifiers and handheld magnifying glass products are used to enlarge objects being viewed to see detail. We inventory the following: hand magnifier for reading, hand magnifying glass for low vision, hand magnifier for the visually impaired, lighted handheld magnifier, aspheric hand magnifier, high power hand magnifier and large hand magnifiers.


Magnifying Glass With Light  Lighted magnifiers (lighted magnifying glass, illuminated magnifier) enhance magnified viewing and enables the viewer to see the image more clearly. Our inventory includes as follows: lighted hand held magnifier, lighted desk magnifier, lighted headband magnifier, lighted table magnifier, lighted low vision magnifier.

Magnifying Lamp Magnifying Lamp (magnifier lamp) products allows for  a hands free illuminated magnified image usually with a large lens. We inventory table magnifying lamp, desk magnifying lamp, goose-neck magnifying lamp with LED or fluorescent lighting. 

Telesight Magnifiers Inc. will introduce new Headband Magnifier | Hand Magnifier | Low Vision Magnifier | Page Magnifier | Desk Magnifier | Magnifying Lamp products in the future



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