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Choosing A Headband Magnifier Buying Guide

Choosing A Headband Magnifier Buying Guide For Crafts/Reading/Hobbies/Close Work 


A headband magnifier consists of a 2 prismatic lens that are mounted on a visor that is worn on the head.


Headband magnifiers provide more magnification then ordinary glasses and allow for hands free use.


Headband magnifiers are used for reading, hobbies and crafts, woodworking, woodcarving, jewelry making, jewellery repair and many applications such electronic assembly and inspection.


Our headband magnifiers are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and prevent eye strain 


For best headband magnifier results wear your glasses.


Attributes Of A Quality Headband Magnifier

Light weight: A  headband magnifier that is to heavy will be uncomfortable.


Adjustable headband: The headband magnifying glass should be adjustable for a good fit.


Padded headband: Select a headband magnifier that is padded for comfort.


Lighted headband: If lighting conditions are poor a headband magnifier with light is advisable.


Wear with your glasses. All of our headband magnifiers can be worn with glasses.


Flip up-Flip Down: Most of our magnifiers will flip up and out of the way.


Coated lenses: Coated lenses will protect the lenses from scratches, mars and reduce glare.      


What Features Do I Need?

Multiple lenses:  Many of our headband magnifiers are available with multiple interchangeable power lenses.


What power do I need?  Select a headband magnifier that provides a magnification power that suits your needs at a comfortable work distance.


A very high power may result in an uncomfortable short work distance. If you are unsure of your needs, select headband magnifier with multiple powers. 


Do I need a lighted headband magnifier? A headband magnifier with light provides a sharper and clearer image.Our led headband magnifiers provide a soft white led light to ease eye fatigue.


Do I need a headband magnifier with multiple lenses?  If you are unsure of the power you need or you have a need for more then one power then a    headband magnifier with extra lenses is advisable.


 Rules Of Magnification.   

  • The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object and the smaller the field of view.
  • As the power of a lens increases the diameter of the lens decreases.
  • Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms power(X) Diopter(D) are sometimes confused.
  • High power magnifiers such 3X must be held steady or else they will be out of focus


Headband Magnifier Uses: Reading, crafts, hobbies, low vision, jewelery making and repair, machinists, tool and die makers, leather-crafting, woodcarving, woodworking, sewing, knitting, cross stitching, quilting, needlework, needle-crafts, electronic assembly, medical, dental applications.


Recommended Headband Magnifiers 

The headband magnifiers and head magnifying glasses shown below are well made and distortion free.


  • Adjustable headband: The headband magnifying glass should be adjustable for a good fit.
  • Padded headband: Select a headband magnifier that is padded for comfort.
  • Lighted headband: If your lighting conditions are poor a headband magnifier with light is advisable.
  • Wear with your glasses. All of our headband magnifiers can be worn with glasses.
  • Flip up-Flip Down: Most of our magnifiers will flip up and out of the way.
  • Coated lenses: Coated lenses.
  • Light weight: A head magnifier that is to heavy will be uncomfortable.

    Headband Magnifier 3 Powers .jpg



    Headband Magnifier - 3 Powers 

    • Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.
    • The Sight-Booster Deluxe Kit comes with 3 lens plates that
    • Flips-up when magnification is not required 
    • Padded adjustable headband for comfort
    • Light weight and can be worn with your glasses  





    Binocular Headband Magnifier With Light-3 Powers .jpg


    Jewelers Headband Magnifier With Light -3 Powers  

    • Coated Lenses-Made In U.S. A.
    • LED lighted with removable light
    • Jewelers headband magnifier for jewelry making and jewelry repair 
    • Three coated magnifier lens plates. 1.75X-2.25X-2.75X
    • Adjustable padded headband
    • Flips up when magnification is not required
    • Can be worn with glasses 





    Headband Magnifier 1 Power .jpg$14.95 

    Headband Magnifier Visor-Single Plate  

    •  Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.
    •  Single Plate: Choose from 3 powers. 1.75x, 2.25x, 2.75x










    Lite-Site Headband Magnifier For Crafts   

    • 3 Lens Powers (1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X)
    • Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.
    • Light weight headband magnifier  
    • May be worn with glasses 




    magnify visor lens plates


    Replacement Lens Plates For Headband Magnifiers 

    Coated Lens Plates Made In U,S.A.

    Our lens headband magnifier plates are opthalmic quality and are hard coated for scratch, mar and glare reduction.

    The lens coating also provides a brighter picture.

    The plates will fit our Sight-Booster magnifying visor models as well as Optivisor®

    MADE IN U.S.A.

    P-3   1.75X  @  14"
    P-5   2.25X  @  10"
    P-7   2.75x  @   -8"

     Head Magnifying Glasses Telesight Magnifiers
  • Coated lenses.
  • Made in U.S.A. 
  • All models flip up. 
  • Used for reading, hobbies.
  • Light weight.


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    Telesight Half Frame Magnifier

    The Telesight Magnifier is ideal as a low vision magnifier, reading magnifier, crafts magnifier and is well known to the jewelry industry. 

    Made in U.S.A.

    TLA-42   1.50X  @ 20IN. $39.00
    TLA-43   1.75X  @ 14IN. $39.00
    TLA-44   2.00X  @ 10IN. $39.00
    TLA-45   2.25X  @   8IN. $39.00 
    TLA-46   2.50X  @   6IN. $39.00
    TLA-48   3.00X  @   5IN. $42.00
    All distances-unaided eye.




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    Telesight Full Frame Magnifier

    The Telesight full frame magnifier allows you to have your RX inserted into our opthalmic quality frame and will give you without eyestrain due to precision opthalmic prismatic lenses.

    Made in U.S.A.
    TLB-32   1.50X  @ 20IN.  $39.00
    TLB-33   1.75X  @ 14IN.  $39.00
    TLB-34   2.00X @  10IN.  $39.00
    TLB-35   2.25X @    8IN.  $39.00 
    TLB-36   2.50X @    6IN.  $39.00
    TLB-38   3.00X @    5IN.  $42.00

    All distances-unaided eye.
    In production since 1955 



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     Telesight Clip-On Magnifier

    The Telesight Clip-On Magnifier is light weight with optical quality prismatic coated lenses.

    Made in U.S.A.
    TLC-22   1.50X  @ 20IN  $39.00
    TLC-23   1.75X  @ 14IN  $39.00
    TLC-24   2.00X  @ 10IN  $39.00
    TLC-25   2.25X  @   8IN  $39.00 
    TLC-26   2.50X  @   6IN  $39.00
    TLC-28   3.00X. @   5IN  $42.00

    All distances-unaided eye. 

    In production since 1955  



    Clip-on Head Magnifying Glasses


    clip-on head magnifying glasses



    Clip & Flip Clip-On Head Magnifying Glasses 

    • Flip-up clip-on head magnifying glasses that turns any pair of regular glasses into "flip-down" clip-on reading and craft magnifiers
    • Available in three powers. 
    • Head magnifying glasses comes with pouch








      Clip-on Head Magnifying Glasses-4 Powers   

    • 4 different lenses included: 1.7X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.0X 
    • Head worn magnifier flips-up when magnification is not needed
    • Clip-on head wearing magnifier easily attach to your glasses


    Headband Magnifier Information 




    Magnifier glass power and work distance: Select magnifiers with a power that will allow you to perform your task at a comfortable distance.


     The higher the power of the headband magnifier the shorter the focal range(work distance) and the smaller the field of view.


    The high power magnifier may not be the best magnifier for you. Our large magnifier selection can help those with presbyopia  and macular degeneration.


    Field Of View: The size of the area being magnified when viewing through a magnifying lens. The higher the power of the headband magnifier the smaller the field of view.


    Diopter: Diopter is a measurement that is used to calculate the power of a magnifying lens. The higher diopter will provide higher magnification. Diopter is expressed as "D".


    Power: Power is how large an object or print increases as you look through a lens. Magnifying power is expressed as "X".  


    Focal Length:  Measurement from the center of the lens to to the object and be in focus. 


    Focal Range: The distance from the magnifying lens to the object being viewed. 


    Fresnel Magnifier: A flat magnifier consisting of concentric circles that can be a full page reading magnifier. 


    Visual impairment (or vision impairment) is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses or medication. Our low vision magnifiers can be of help.