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  Magnifier Visor With Light And 4 Lens Powers
  • Economical magnifier visor with light. 
  • 4 lens powers.
  • Coated lenses.

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Item #12LMP

Price $9.95 

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  Sight-Booster Deluxe Magnifier Visor With Light - 3 Powers
  • LED magnifier visor with light.
  • Three powers. 1.75x, 2.25x,2.75x. 
  • Visor magnifier flips up.
  • Padded adjustable strap.



Item #12SBHML

Price $31.95 

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  Sight-Booster Deluxe Magnifier Visor-3 Powers


  • Comes with three coated lenses.
  • 1.75X, 2.25x, 2.75x. 
  • Can be worn with glasses.
  • Coated Lenses- Made In U.S.A.


Item #1SBDHM

Price $24.95 

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  Sight Booster Magnifier Visor-2 Powers
  • Magnifier Visor with 2 lens powers.
  • Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.
  • Padded adjustable strap.
  • Flips up.
Your Choice:
Lens Set #1:  1.75X-2.25X
Lens Set #2:  2.25X-2.75X

Sight-Booster Kit Magnifier 2 Plates

Price $19.95 

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  Sight-Booster Magnifier Visor - Single Lens
  • Magnifier/single power. 
  • Available in three different lens powers.
  • 1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X. Your choice.
Item #CSB


Price $14.95 

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  Lite-Site Magnifier - Single Lens Power
  • Magnifier is easy and comfortable to wear.
  • For reading, crafts, hobbies and needlecraft's.
  • Choose your lens power.
Item #DLS


Price $15.95 

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  Lite-Site Magnifier 3 Powers
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to use magnifier. 
  • Comes with three lens plates- 1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X.
  • Coated lenses made in U.S.A 
Item #DLSK

Price $23.95 

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  Replacement Lens Plates For Magnifier Visor
  • Coated Lens Plates For Magnifier Visor.
  • Plates will fit our Sight-Booster models.
  • Will fit all Optivisor® models. 


Lens Plates

Price $6.00 

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  Magnifier Visor LED Light
  • Detachable LED light.
  • Emits a very bright soft white light.
  • Will fit most visor magnifiers. 
  • Fits Optivisor® models.



Item #SASB

Price $8.95 

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