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  Telesight Half Frame Magnifier

The Telesight Magnifier is ideal as a low vision magnifier, reading magnifier, crafts magnifier and is well known to the jewelry industry. Made in U.S.A.

TLA-42   1.50X  @ 20IN.  $39.00
TLA-43   1.75X  @ 14IN.  $39.00
TLA-44   2.00X  @ 10IN.  $39.00
TLA-45   2.25X  @   8IN.  $39.00 
TLA-46   2.50X  @   6IN.  $39.00
TLA-48   3.00X. @   5IN.  $42.00
All distances-unaided eye.
In production since 1955.  



Item #1-TLA

Telesight Half Frame Reading Magnifier

Price $39.00 

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  Telesight Full Frame Magnifier

The Telesight full frame magnifier allows you to have your RX inserted into our opthalmic quality frame and will give you without eyestrain due to precision opthalmic prismatic lenses.
Made in U.S.A.
TLB-32   1.50X  @ 20IN.  $39.00
TLB-33   1.75X  @ 14IN.  $39.00
TLB-34   2.00X  @ 10IN.  $39.00
TLB-35   2.25X  @   8IN.  $39.00 
TLB-36   2.50X  @   6IN.  $39.00
TLB-38   3.00X. @   5IN.  $42.00
All distances-unaided eye.
In production since 1955 




Item #1-TLB

Telesight Full Frame Binocular Magnifier

Price $39.00 

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  Telesight Clip-On Magnifier

The Telesight Clip-On Magnifier is light weight with optical quality prismatic coated lenses.

Made in U.S.A.

TLC-22   1.50X  @ 20IN  $39.00
TLC-23   1.75X  @ 14IN  $39.00
TLC-24   2.00X  @ 10IN  $39.00
TLC-25   2.25X  @   8IN  $39.00 
TLC-26   2.50X  @   6IN  $39.00 

All distances-unaided eye. 


Item #1-TLC

Telesight Clip-On Magnifier

Price $39.00 

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  Portable Video Magnifier-Large 7Inch LCD Screen

Portable video magnifier with large 7 inch LCD screen. Due to the compact size, you can carry the magnifier anywhere. 

6X to 60X in full color

Item #111ACB

Price $349.95 

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  High Power Reading Magnifiers For Low Vision

Prismatic Rreading Glasses For Low Vison Wih AR Coating In All Powers.

The thinnest and lightest and molded for accuracy. Approved by Low Vision Clinics  

AVAILABLE AS 6.00D, 8.00D, 10.00D, 12.00D 

Item #111ACC

High Power Reading Magnifier

Price $54.95 

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  Portable Digital Hand-Stand Low Vision Magnifier-15X

Freedom E-Mag Portable Digital Low Vision Magnifier 

Magnification of 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X, & 15X with a 3.5 inch screen and no distortion. Rechargeable batteries. 



Item #111AD5

Price $112.95 

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  TV Screen Low Vision Magnifier For Visually The Impaired


TV Sreen Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired magnifier transforms your television into a low vision magnifier aid! 

Item #111ADR-300

Price $128.95 

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  Clip On Magnfier -Reading, Crafts 4 Powers

The clip on magnifier easily attach to your glasses, are light weight and comfortable to wear. Comes with 4 interchangeable lens powers. 


Item #111BCL

Price $26.95 

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  Clarity Full Page Magnifier For Reading Books 2X to 4X

Hands free full page magnifier for reading books.

First quality acrlic lens 

Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"--Lens Power: 2X to 4X


Item #111BR

Price $24.95 

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  3X Clarity Hands Free Full Page Magnifier On Stand

3X Full Page Magnifier Hands Free.
Lens Size: 8.5" x 9.75"
Lens Power: 3X

Item #111FS

Price $21.95 

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  3X Lighted Magnifying Floor Lamp For Reading And Crafts

LED lights - 3X magnification

Large 8" x 10" Fresnel full page lighted magnifying floor lamp with acrylic optical lens





Item #11A

Price $112.95 

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  3x Full Page Magnifier For Reading/Gooseneck

Full Page Magnifying Sheet With Goose-neck And Large Fresnel Lens.

Lens Size: 8.5"x10.5"

Lens Power: 3X.

Item #11AA3X

Price $65.95 

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  Clarity 4X Full Page Magnifier For Reading
Strong 4X Lens Mounted On A Goose-neck
Lens Size: 6.5" Round-Lens Power: 4X
Non-Tilt Base-Hands Free
Item #11AA4X

Price $94.95 

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  5X Compact Lighted Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired
Pocket Magnifier is a compact 5x power slide-out magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. The aspheric hand magnifier is equipped with a built-in bright LED light.

Item #1ABPO-55

Price $13.95 

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  3X Full Page Stand Magnifier With Light

Fresnel 3X full page stand magnifier with light. 

Large lens size: 8"x10"

Non-tilt base 





Item #1FLP

Price $69.95 

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  Clarity Full Page Magnifying Glass For Reading Books
The Clarity full page magnifying glass can be used for reading, assembly or inspection and is a first quality fresnel lens magnifier that has crystal clear optics. LENS SIZE 8"X10"

Item #1FPM

Price $69.95 

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  4X Full Page Magnifier With Base Round Lens

Lens Power: 4X

Lens Size: 6.5 " Round.
Sturdy Non-Tilt Base.

Excellent for hands free reading.


Item #1FPM4X

Price $89.95 

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  5X Hand Held Magnifying Glass For Reading

This 5x/2.5" hand held magnifying glass for reading books offers an unbreakable, scratch-resistant lens which is ideal for reading any fine print on contracts, maps, phone books, stamps, stock listings, etc.



Item #1FU5X

Price $16.95 

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