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Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired

Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired

Telesight Magnifiers Inc. inventories low vision magnifiers for the visually impaired with led light as well as full page magnifiers, head wearing magnifiers, hand magnifiers and desk magnifiers that may help in increasing low vision visual acuity for reading and other tasks . 
Can low vision magnifiers for the visually impaired help? Low vision magnification devices can be of help. A lot depends on the users acceptance of these magnifiers and the remaining visual acuity of the user.
What is visual impairment? When a person has sight loss that cannot be fully corrected using glasses or contact lenses.
Types of low vision magnifiers. There are hand held magnifiers and hands free magnifiers. Hand held magnifiers are for short duration use and hands free magnifiers such as electronic, floor, desk or head wearing are for long duration us.
Aspheric magnifiers. When the power of the magnifier is 4X and above the lens should be aspheric to avoid edge distortion
Fresnel full page magnifiers. A Fresnel lens is a flat lens usually made of acrylic that is light weight and large in size. This permits whole page viewing and the power usually is about 2X to 4X.
Lighted or non-lighted. Lighted low vision magnifiers are preferable as they provide a clearer image. Our lighted magnifiers are either led or fluorescent lighted for a soft white light.
For best results, wear your reading glasses when using a magnifier.

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low vision magnifier clip-on.jpg


Clip-on Magnifying Glasses-4 Lens Powers
These clip-on low vision magnifying glasses for the visually impaired easily attach to your glasses and are lightweight and comfortable to wear.


4 different lenses included in the box set: 1.7X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.0X.


 Flips-up when magnification is not needed.

Telesight Magnifiers-Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired
These low vision magnifiers are perfect for reading and other tasks.
Precision magnifier lenses are available in six powers and are easy to use. 
All models flip up when not needed.
low vision magnifiers visually impaired-telesight half frameHalf Frame                    low vision magnifiers visually impaired-telesight full frameFull Frame    




low visio.n magnifier for visually impaired tv

 TV Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired  

Low Vision Vidio Magnifier 
Reading Magnifier transforms your television into a low vision magnifier aid! 

low visio,n magnifier for visually impaired-digital


Portable Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired Digital Hand-Stand Magnifier-15X 
Magnification of 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X, & 15X with a 3.5 inch screen and no distortion.

Our Portable Digital Low Vision Magnifying Glass Device is a full color digital & optical magnifier device. It adopts our own software platform. It provides up to 15 times magnification on a 3.5 inch screen with high definition and high contrast. Images are full color, black & white, as well as a reverse mode

handheld low vision magnifying glass 5x 5X Pocket Aspheric Low Vsion Magnifier For The visually Impaired 
The low vision magnifier for the visually impaired is a compact 5x power slide-out magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. LED light 

Magnifier for the visually impaired

hand low vision magnifier for the visually impaired 4x

4X Lighted LED Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired


This  3" round optical quality 4x hand low vision magnifier offers an unbreakable, scratch-resistant lens. Magnifier for the visually impaired

hand low vision magnifier for visually impaired 7x

7X-Compact LED Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired    

This LED pocket-sized optical quality 7x hand low vision magnifier is the strongest compact magnifier we offer. It features an unbreakable, scratch-resistant 1-1/2" lens. 





 Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.  

 Hands Free-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"





full page low vision magnifier.jpg

3X Page Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired 
Lens Focus: Up To 4 Inches.  
Lens Size: 8.5" x 9.75".
Lens Power: 3X .
Light Available.
Light Weight.


desk magnifying glass low vision magnifier with base
Page Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired
            With Base

Hands free full page magnifier
Lens Size: 10"x12"
Lens Power: 8 Diopters (2X Plus)

low vision magnifier for the visually impaired magnifying lamp.jpg  Goose-Neck Page Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired  

 12 LED lights- bright magnification

  3X Magnification-8" x 10" lens 



 desktop low vision magnifier lamp.jpg LED Page Low Vision Magnifier For The Visually Impaired

  Clarity Fresnel 3X desktop magnifier lamp
  Large Lens Size: 8"x10"
  Full Page Viewing




    desktop magnifier for the visually impaired floor lamp

    LED Page Floor Magnifier For The Visually Impaired 

  12 LED Lights- bright daylight viewing

   Large Fresnel Lens 8"x10"


Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired-Aspheric
Aspheric low vision magnifiers have corrected curves, to allow higher power, with no edge distortion. These magnifiers for the visually impaired are available as lighted and unlighted magnifiers in various powers. 

 magnifiers low vision-5x5x        visually impaired-5x5X

low vision magnifiers-7x 8x      magnifiers -8x 10x    
 magnifiers visually impaired-12x12x     magnifiers visually impaired-14x14x
 category: magnifiers for the visually impaired.

Deluxe Aspheric Low Vision Magnifiers For Visually Impaired 

Hand Low vision Magnifiers  

illuminated aspheric table magnifier 3.5X-- 3 Inches x 2 Inches    


4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg  4X  4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg 5X 4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg 7X 4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg8X


4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg10x   4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg12x   4xhand held lighted aspheric magnifier.jpg14x


Deluxe Aspheric Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired 

Table Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired.

lighted aspheric table magnifier  3 x-- 4 Inches x 3 Inches


led lighted deluxe aspheric table magnifier.jpg4X       table magnifier5X      led lighted deluxe aspheric tablrmagnifier.jpg7X


led lighted deluxe aspheric tablrmagnifier.jpg8X      led lighted deluxe aspheric tablrmagnifier.jpg10x

Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired-Head Wearing

These low vision magnifiers lighted and unlighted are available in various powers and models. Hands free, easy to use, and reasonably priced
All visor magnifiers have padded adjustable headbands, flip up and can be worn with glasses.
 headband low vision rmagnifier for the visually impaired.jpgHead Magnifier For The Visually Impaired-3 Plates
   .3 magnifier lens pates included-1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75x.
   .Ratchet knob headband adjustment for a perfect fit. 
   .Can be worn with eyeglasses or safety glasses. 
   .Padded leather headband for user comfort.
   .Interchangeable binocular lens plates.
   .Tilts when magnification is not needed.

 magnifiers visually impaired-see more2 Plates Lighted  magnifiers visually impaired-multi focus4 Plates Lighted   magnifiers visually impaired-lite site3 Plates

Rules Of Magnification

-The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed, and the smaller the field of view.

-As the power of a lens increases, the diameter of the lens decreases.

-Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.

- High power magnifiers, such as 8x must be held steady, or else they will be out of focus

Telesight Magnifiers Inc. will introduce new low vision magnifiers for the visually impaired in the future.