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Dome Magnifier For Reading Books, Maps, Blueprints

Dome Magnifier Reading Books, Maps, Blueprints

Telesight Magnifiers Inc. has a selection of acrylic dome magnifier for reading books, maps, blueprint's and documents. Just glide the 4x dome magnifying glass over the printed material. High power dome magnifier for reading comes with pouch in various sizes.


Magnifying glass dome magnifiers are made from optical clarity polished acrylic and are perfect for reading books, newspapers, blueprints, documents and maps. The dome magnifying glass for re4ading is placed directly on the printed material and the user easily glides and slides the magnifier along the surface. Just place the pre-focused acrylic dome magnifier on the printed material and the print will be magnified 4 times.


Magnifying dome magnifiers are excellent for the visually impaired and can be of help with macular degeneration. For best dome magnifier results wear your reading glasses.


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4X - 2 Inch Dome Magnifying Glass For Reading 
This 4 x 2 inch diameter dome magnifying glass for reading glass glides effortlessly across any surface for ease of use in perfect focus.
Lays flat on reading material 

Magnifying glass that slides across newspaper


Pouch included 


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4X -  3 Inch Dome Magnifier For Reading 

The 3 inch diameter acrylic dome magnifier for reading offers an exceptionally large magnifying surface for 4X magnification

Pouch included 





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