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Dome Magnifier For Reading Books, Maps, Blueprints

Dome Magnifier For Reading Books, Maps, Blueprints


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4X - 2 Inch Dome Magnifying Glass

  • This 4 x 2 inch diameter dome magnifier for reading books 
  • Glides effortlessly across any surface for ease of use in perfect focus.
  • Lays flat on reading material 
  • Magnifying glass that slides across newspaper
  •  Pouch included 


dome magnifier 3 inches 4x.jpg


4X -  3 Inch Dome Magnifier

  • The 3 inch diameter acrylic dome magnifier for reading
  • Exceptionally large magnifying surface for 4X magnification
  • Excellent dome magnifier for reading newspapers, maps and blueprints Pouch included 






Shop our selection of acrylic dome magnifier for reading books, maps, blueprint's and documents.


Just glide the 4x dome magnifying glass over the printed material. High power dome magnifier for reading comes with pouch in various sizes.


Magnifying glass dome magnifiers are made from optical clarity polished acrylic and are perfect for reading books, newspapers, blueprints, documents and maps.


The dome magnifying glass for reading is placed directly on the printed material and the user easily glides and slides the magnifier along the surface.


Just place the pre-focused acrylic dome magnifier on the printed material and the print will be magnified 4 times.


Magnifying dome magnifiers are excellent for the visually impaired and can be of help with macular degeneration.


What is a dome magnifier? A dome magnifier is a dome-shaped magnifying device made of glass or acrylic plastic, used to enlarge words on a page or computer screen. They are plano-convex lenses: the flat (planar) surface is placed on the object to be magnified, and the convex (dome) surface provides the enlargement. They usually provide between 1.8× and 6× magnification. Dome magnifiers are often used by the visually impaired. They are good for reading maps or basic text and their inherent 180° design naturally amplifies illumination from ambient side-light. They are suitable for people with tremors or impaired motor skills, because they are held in contact with the page during use.




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Magnifier Information 



After the age of about forty you will experience a problem viewing small print and tasks involving close detail work. This eye condition is called presbyopia and magnification is the answer.



What type magnifier is best? Hand held magnifiers are best for short duration use and a magnifying lamp or hands free magnifier with stand are best for long duration use. 


Magnifier glass power and work distance: Select magnifiers with a power that will allow you to perform your task at a comfortable distance.



The higher the power of the magnifier the shorter the focal range(work distance) and the smaller the field of view. The high power magnifier may not be the best magnifier for you.



Our large magnifier selection can help

those with presbyopia and macular degeneration

Field Of View: The size of the area being magnified when viewing through a magnifying lens. The higher the power of the  magnifier the smaller the field of view.


Diopter: Diopter is a measurement that is used to calculate the power of a magnifying lens. The higher diopter will provide higher magnification. Diopter is expressed as "D"

Power: Power is how large an object or print increases as you look through a lens. Magnifying power is expressed as "X"


Focal Length: 

Measurement from the center of the lens to to the object and be in focus

Focal Range:

The distance from the magnifying lens to the object being viewed.  


Fresnel Magnifier:

A flat magnifier consisting of concentric circles that can be a full page reading magnifier.


Visual impairment (or vision impairment) is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses or medication. Our low vision magnifiers can be of help. 


Rules Of Magnification.   

  • The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed and the smaller the field of view.
  • As the power of a lens increases the diameter of the lens decreases.
  • Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.




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