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Embroidery Magnifier

Telesight Magnifiers Inc. is a supplier of hands free embroidery magnifier products.

All Telesight embroidery magnifiers are well made, reasonably priced

Embroidery Magnifier Products-Low Prices-High Quality

POSTAGE SPECIAL:  Pay $8.00 postage for first item ordered. Free postage on all your next items(domestic orders only).  

  Around the Neck Hands Free Sewing Embroidery Magnifier
reading magnifiers-neck2.5xreading magnifiers-neck2x Lighted Largereading magnifiers-neck2x Lighted

NEWDesk Table Lighted Magnifier.jpg Lighted Desk Embroidery Magnifier

Six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs
Two brightness levels
Each LED lasts 100,000 hours
Optical grade 3.5" magnifier lens
2x magnification 



 Magnifying Floor Lamp

 magnifying floor lamp.jpg

2X 5 Inch Diameter Lens

12 Bright LED Lights


 3X Full Page Sheet Embroidery Magnifier-Hands Free

full page hands free magnifier.jpg
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Use for Reading And Inspection.
Lens Focus: Up To 4 Inches.  
Lens Size: 8.5" x 9.75".



Clamp-On LED Magnifier ----LED Lighted Base Embroidery Magnifier   

Lens Size: 5 ". 3X-Glass--- --Lens Size: 7"x4"- 3X  

clip on desk magnifier.jpg

                             LED lighted desk magnifier.jpg

stand magnifier.jpg

Clarity Goose-Neck Full Page Embroidery Magnifier

Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.  

Hands Free-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"

 With Book Stand Holder.


BoaMag Cord Or Cordless Lighted Desk Embroidery Magnifier-2.5X

Can be used as a flashlight.

BoaMag Desk Magnifier.jpg

20 Inch Extension

Hands Free Use

Lens Size 3.5"

AC Adapter



Embroidery Magnifiers-Visor Magnifiers 
 embroidery head rmagnifier.jpgHead Magnifier-3 Plates

3 magnifier lens plates included-

1.75X, 2.75X, 2.75x.


-- ----
magnifier-seemore magnifier2 Plates  magnifier-Multi Focus Magnifier 4       Pljewelers magnifierates Lighted                

Embroidery Magnifiers-Telesight Magnifiers
Available in six powers. 
low vision magnifiers-telesight half frameHalf Frame    low vision magnifiers-telesight full frameFull Frame low vision magnifiers-3.5x3.5X 

Embroidery Magnifier-Clip-On
 magnifier-clip-on magnifier  4 Powers       magnifier-clip flip magnifier 3 Powers    magnifier-oculens clip-on magnifier

2x Flexible Stand Magnifier.jpg 2x      stand magnifier 5inch clampon.jpg2x    stand magnifier 3.5inch clamp-on.jpg3x   MiniScreen Stand Magnifier.jpg 3x

 table magnifier 2x .jpg 2x Lighted- Table Magnifier 10x.jpg 10x Lighted  Table Magnifier-MicroMagML15.jpg 10x Lighted 


Embroidery Magnifier-Aspheric Magnifiers-High Power 
Aspheric  magnifiers have corrected curves, to allow higher power, with no edge distortion.
 low vision magnifier-5x5x      low vision magnifier-5x5x     
--------- --------- 
 low vision magnifier-7x 8x      low vision magnifier-8x 10x-

low vision magnifier-12x  12x   low vision magnifiers-14x 14x

Embroidery Magnifier-Hand Magnifiers
Our hand magnifiers are very comfortable to use.

reading magnifiers-hand2x     reading magnifiers-hand10x      reading magnifiers-hand2.5x Lighted reading magnifier-hand10X Lighted 


Embroidery Magnifier-Sheet Magnifiers

Full page magnifier

reading magnifiers-page 3x Flexible              reading magnifiers-page  2x Rigid

Embroidery Magnifier-Jewelers Magnifiers-Eye Loupes       

jewelers magnifier 4x jeweiers magnifier 6x jewelers magnifier 8xjewelers magnifier  Loupe Strap