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Wearable Magnifying Glasses - Magnifying Headgear..

Wearable Magnifying Glasses And Magnifying Headgear

Wearable magnifying glasses are hands free and will help you with reading and various tasks by eliminating eye strain .
Large selection of wearable magnifying glasses, magnifying glasses to wear, head wearing magnifier, magnifying headgear and head worn magnifier for close work and reading small print.

What power do I need? Select wearable magnifying glasses that provides magnification that suits your needs at a comfortable work distance. A very high power may result in a uncomfortable short work distance. If you are unsure of your needs select a head worn magnifier with multiple powers.


Do I need wearable magnifying glasses with light? A headband magnifier with light provides a sharper and clearer image then a non-lighted magnifier headband. Our led headband magnifier models provide a soft white led light to ease eye fatigue.


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head worn magnifier half frame HALF   EYE $39.00  head wearing magnifier full frameFULL FRAME $39.00head wearing magnifier clip onCLIP ON $39.00  

High power magnifying glasses to wear are available in 6 powers 


head mounted magnifier with light


 Magnifying Headgear

Wearable Magnifying Glasses  10X . 
LED wearable lighted magnifying glasses for close up detailed work

Wearable magnifying glasses that has up to 10X magnification with a combination of fixed, flip-up and monocle lenses.

lighted head mounted magnifier


 Magnifying Headgear

Magnifying Glasses To Wear With Light 


Multi-Coated Acrylic Lens

Magnification: 1.7x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x

Head worn magnifying glasses to wear comes with 4 interchangeable lenses




Magnifying Headgear 



Head Worn Magnifier With Light-3 Plates

LED lighted wearable hobby magnifying glasses that comes with three coated magnifier lens plates


 Comes with three different powers-1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X

head mounted magnifier


Magnifying Headgear

 Wearable Magnifying Glasses 3 Lens Plates

The Sight-Booster magnifying headgear is well constructed and comfortable to wear

3 Lens Powers: 1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X  

head mounted magnifier


Magnifying Headgear 

Sight-Booster Wearable Magnifying Glasses 

The Sight-Booster head worn magnifier is well constructed and comfortable to wear

1 Lens Plate

Available in three different powers-1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X  

head mounted magnifier


Magnifying Headgear 

Sight-Booster Head Worn Magnifier Kit

The Sight-Booster head worn magnifier is well constructed with two coated lens plates

2 Lens Plates

  head mounted magnifier-lite site magnifier


Magnifying Headgear 

Lite-Site Head Worn Magnifier    

The Lite-Site wearable magnifying glasses are very light weight and comfortable to wear. 

Hard coated lenses protect against scratches and reduce glare

Choice of 1 lens plate: 1.75x, 2.25x, 2.75x 

  head mounted magnifier-lite site magnifier


Magnifying Headgear

Lite-Site Head Worn Magnifier 

 Light weight and easy to use, the Lite-Site wearable magnifying glasses comes with 3 hard coated lens plates. (1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X)


head mounted magnifying glass with light


   Magnifying Headgear


Wearable Magnifying Glasses With Light.

Hands free wearable magnifying glasses with 4 lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x

Strong led light 

Flips-up when not in use

Padded adjustable headband

head mounted magnifier-clip-on


Magnifying Headgear


Clip-on Wearable Magnifying Glasses-4 Powers

These clip-on wearable magnifying glasses for close work easily attach to your glasses and are lightweight and comfortable to wear


4 different lenses included in the box set: 1.7X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.0X


clip-on head mounted magnifying glasses


 Magnifying Headgear


Clip-On Head Wearable Magnifying Glasses

Flip-up clip-on wearable magnifying glasses that turns any pair of regular glasses into "flip-down" clip-on reading magnifiers.

Available in three powers.

clip on head mounted magnifier-oculens magnifier


 Magnifying Headgear

  5x-7x Clip-On Head Worn Magnifier Monocular  

 Convenient clip-on wearable magnifying glasses magnifier

 Attaches to most eyeglass frames


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