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Telesight Magnifiers Inc.  is a supplier of page magnifier, full page magnifier and page magnifying glass products including page magnifier for reading, hands free page size magnifier lamp, full page size reading magnifying glass with lights and whole page book magnifiers.
Page magnifier and page magnifying glass products allows the reader to view a large area of print, either by hand or hands free, at about four inches from the reading material.   
Page magnifiers contain a Fresnel lens which permits whole page viewing and is excellent for reading books and newspapers. The maximum power on this type of low vision full page magnifier is 2X to 4X. We stock hands free full page magnifier, goose-neck full page magnifier, desk full page magnifier and table full page magnifier models.
All of our page magnifier and page magnifying glass products are well made, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

Common Conditions Of The Eye.

Nearsighted- To be nearsighted means you have problems seeing objects that are far away.

Farsighted- To be farsighted means u can see far away but not up close.

Presbyopia- Due to ageing, the eye has a reduced ability to focus on near point objects

Astigmatism- A defect in the curvature of the lens of the eye which will cause blurred vision.

Cataract- Clouding of the lens of the eye which leads to a decrease in vision.

Macular Degeneration- Loss of the central part of the field of vision that occurs especially in the elderly.

Rules Of Magnification.   

-The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed, and the smaller the field of view.

-As the power of a lens increases, the diameter of the lens decreases.

-Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.

- High power magnifiers, such as 8x must be held steady, or else they will be out of focus. 


 full page magnifier hands free magnifier gooseneck magnifier.jpg

 Clarity Goose-Neck Full Page Magnifier

 Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.  

 Hands Free-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"


 Category: Page Magnifying Glass.-Full Page Magnifier

 -----------------  -Clarity Full Page Magnifying Glass Book Reading Magnifier


full page book reading magnifier.jpg    Hands Free.                                       clarity book sheet reading page magnifier.JPG

     Power: 2X to 4X.                  

     Lens Size: 8.5" X 10.5".

     Comes with book stand holder


 Category: Page Magnifying Glass.- Full Page Magnifier

Craft Magnifier-Assembly-Inspection - 

full page magnifier hands free.jpg
page magnifier  details


3X Page Magnifier-Hands Free 

Lens Focus: Up to 4 inches.

Lens Size: 8.5"x 9.75 "

Lens Power: 3x


Category: Page Magnifying Glass - Full Page Magnifier. 


Hands Free Clarity Page Magnifying Glass 

hands free page magnifying glass with base.jpg

             page magnifying glass  Hands Free Full Page Magnifier  

Lens Size: 10" x12"  Lens Power: 8 Diopters(2X Plus).

Available as:

Category: Page Magnifying Glass - Full Page Magnifier.


    LED Lighted Floor Fresnel Full Page Magnifying Glassfull page magnifier floor lamp


    Large Fresnel Lens: 8"x10"

      12 LED lights


Category: Page Magnifying Glass.-Full Page Magnifier 



55 Led Lights for bright soft illumination.

7" x 4" distortion free acrylic Fresnel lens.

 Category: Page Magnifying Glass.-Full Page Magnifier






desktop full page magnifier lamp.jpg Clarity LED Lighted Full Page Magnifying Glass

  Clarity Fresnel 3X full page magnifier lamp
  Large Fresnel Lens Size: 8"x10"
  Full Page Viewing 

 Category: Page Magnifying Glass.-Full Page Magnifier




desktop magnifying glass lamp.jpg Lighted Clarity Goose-Neck Full Page Magnifying Glass 
12 LED lights- bright magnification

 3X Magnification-8" x 10" lens  

 Category: Page Magnifying Glass.-Full Page Magnifier





 3X Flat Flexible Page Magnifying Glass Full Size.jpg
 Click image for page magnifying glass details     

MagniSheet 3X Flexible Page Magnifier 

MagniSheet is a 3X full page magnifying glass flexible page magnifier unit within a frame. Great for any large area with small print.

Dimensions: 10.5"x7.5"x Flat


 Category: Page Magnifying Glass - Full Page Magnifier

 Whole Page Magnifier-Rigid.jpg
Click image for page magnifying glass details

 Page Magnifier-Page Magnifying Glass 2X   
This full page magnifier is a deluxe rigid frame full-page magnifying glass. The page magnifying glass is excellent for reading large areas of small print. Dimensions: 11"x8.5"x Flat.

 Category: Page Magnifying Glass - .Full Page Magnifier

POSTAGE SPECIAL: Pay $8.00 postage for first item ordered. Free postage on all additional items purchased per order(Domestic Orders Only).   


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Telesight Magnifiers will introduce new page magnifier, full page magnifier and page magnifying glass products in the future.