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Around The Neck Magnifying Glass Magnifier Light.

Around The Neck Magnifying Glass With Light For Reading, Crafts, Sewing, Cross Stitch 

Shop our stock of hands free around the neck magnifying glass with light, hands free around the neck magnifier, magnifying glass that hangs around your neck and lighted neck magnifier for sewing. Neck magnifiers, neck magnifying glass, neck worn magnifier, over the neck magnifier and magnifying glass around neck are the same type magnifiers.


An around the neck magnifying glass provides hands free magnification for reading, low vision and many crafts such as sewing, cross stitch, needle point and embroidery. 


For best magnification results a good light source is essential. We sell lighted around the neck magnifiers and lighted hands free neck magnifying glass vision aids. Eliminate eye fatigue  with our lighted around the neck magnifiers. 


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Around The Neck Magnifying Glass


neck magnifier

Hands Free Around The Neck Magnifier

This hands free around neck magnifying glass for sewing, knitting, needlecraft's and as a quilting magnifying glass

Power is 2.5X with 4"x4 lens. Lens insert 4X

Hands free magnifying glass around neck is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use        


Around The Neck Magnifying Glass With Light


neck magnifier lighted

Around The Neck Magnifying Glass With Light  

Large wearable 2x power hands-free around the neck    lighted magnifying glass with 4x power bi-focal spot lens

It's clip-on light prevents eyestrain 

Excellent over the neck magnifier with light for cross stitch, sewing and around the neck reading magnifier 

Large Lens: 5 inches


Magnifier Information

  • Magnifying glass power and work distance: Select a magnifying glass with a power that will allow you to perform your task at a comfortable distance. The higher the power the shorter the focal range(work distance) and the smaller the field of view. The high power magnifying glass may not be the best magnifier for you. Our large magnifying glass selection can will help those with presbyopia 
  • Do I need a magnifying glass with light? lighted magnifier  will provide better magnification results as they provide a sharper and clearer image then a non-lighted magnifier. Our lighted magnifiers are either led or fluorescent lighted and provide a soft white light to ease eyestrain. 



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