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Neck Magnifier-Neck Magnifying Glass

Neck Magnifier-Neck Magnifying Glass-Around The Neck Magnifying glass

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Telesight Magnifiers is a supplier of hands free neck magnifier, over the neck magnifier, neck magnifying glass and around the neck magnifying glass lighted for sewing, cross stitching, knitting and all needlecraft's.     

Why use a around the neck magnifier?
A neck magnifying glass provides hands free magnification for reading, low vision and many crafts.
Lighted or non-lighted neck magnifiers? For best magnification results a good light source is essential. We inventory lighted neck magnifiers.
POSTAGE SPECIAL: Pay $8.00 postage for first item ordered. Free postage on all your next items purchased. Your postage will always be $8.00 per order.(Domestic Orders Only). 

neck magnifier


Around Neck Magnifier

This hands free around neck magnifying glass is great for sewing, knitting, needlecraft's and as a quilting magnifying glass.

Power is 2.5X with 4"x4 lens. Lens insert 4X,lens. Lightweight ,comfortable and easy to use.        


neck magnifier lighted


Around The Neck Magnifying Glass With Light  

Large wearable 2x power hands-free around the neck magnifying glass with light and 4x power bi-focal spot lens. It's clip-on light prevents eyestrain. Excellent neck magnifier for reading.

Large Lens: 5 inches


Rules of Magnification.

-The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed, and the smaller the field of view.

-As the power of a lens increases, the diameter of the lens decreases.

-Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.

- High power magnifiers, such as 8x must be held steady, or else they will be out of focus.