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Jewelers Magnifying Glass | Jewelers Magnifying Lamps


Jewelers Magnifying Glass | Jewelers Magnifying Lamps

 Supplier of Jewelers Magnifying Glass and Jewelers Magnifying Lamps including jewelers magnifying glasses with lights, lighted jewelers magnifying glass lamps and headband visor jewelers magnifying glass. 

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 Jewelers Magnifying Glass -Headband 

jewelers magnifying glass
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-Sight-Booster Deluxe-Lighted Headband Jewelers Magnifying Glass-3 Plates
The LED Lighted Sight-Booster Deluxe Kit is a headband visor magnifier that comes with three binocular visor coated magnifier lens plates.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

Item #11SBHML



Price $31.95   

jewelers magnifying glass
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Sight-Booster Deluxe | Headband Jewelers Magnifying Glass | 3 Lens Plates


Compare: This headband magnifier is a bargain.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.


jewelers supplies -magnifierLighted-2 Platesjewelers head magnifier.jpgLighted-4 Plates 

SightBooster Magnifier.jpg 1 Plate                  headband magnifier visorLighted-4 Plates    


  jewelers magnifier1 Plate                jewelers magnifier3 Plates  

Jewelers Magnifying Glass -Clip-On-Telesight Magnifiers 



  jewelers magnifierLighted         jewelers magnifier2 Powers  jewelers magnifier  3 Powers


Jewelers Magnifying Glass-Eye Loupes

                                                                                                                                                Loupe Strap  

jewelers magnifier 4x  jeweiers magnifier 6x jewelers magnifier 8x jewelers magnifier Loupe Strap



 jewelers magnifier5X  jewelers magnifier10X jewelers loupe10x Reticle  



 Ll15 jewelers  magnifier15x.jpg 15X


Jewelers Magnifying Lamps

Clamp-On LED Lighted                          LED Lighted Base Desk     

clip on desk magnifier.jpg

                             LED lighted desk magnifier.jpg

Lighted Bench beading Magnifier-Clamp-On
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 3X Fluorescent Jewelers Magnifying Lamp-Clip-On
This compact fluorescent jewelers magnifying glass lamp is perfect for reading, hobbies and crafts, industrial assembly and all detail tasks.

3½" High Quality 3x Diopter Glass Lens with Dust Cover

3x bench beading magnifier lamp with base.jpg
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3X Diopter Jewelers Magnifying Lamp With Swivel Base
3x Diopter Desk Magnifier Lamp With Swivel Base.
Well suited for reading, hobbies and crafts, inspection and assembly.

5x bench desk beading magnifying glass lamp.jpg
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5X Diopter Fluorescent Jewelers Magnifying Lamp-Clip-On
Desk Clip-On Fluorescent Magnifier Lamp With 3 Lenses.
Ultra bright magnifying glass lamp with swivel arm.

·  5x   Diopter Lens (Main)- 5" Diameter
·  8x   Diopter Lens - 1.75" Diameter
·  10x Diopter Lens - 1.75" Diameter

Supplier of headband jewelers magnifying glass , jewelers magnifying lamps, head jewelers magnifying glass, Telesight jewelers magnifying glass, desk jewelers magnifying glass and clip-on jewelers magnifying glass.



Telesight Magnifiers will introduce new Jewelers Magnifying Glass and jewelers magnifying lamps in the future.