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Clip On Magnifying Glasses Magnifiers Reading Crafts..

Clip on Magnifying Glasses Magnifiers Reading Crafts 

CLIP ON MAGNIFING GLASSES INFORMATION: Clip on magnifying glasses (clip on magnifiers) for reading and crafts adds additional magnification power to your glasses.Turn your regular reading glasses, distance glasses or sunglasses into extra strong flip up magnifying glasses with our clip-on magnifier vision aids. Clip on magnifying glasses, clip-on magnifying glass and clip on magnifiers for glasses are the same type of magnifier.

 Telesight Magnifiers is a supplier of clip-on magnifying glasses for reading, clip on magnifying glasses for crafts, clip on magnifying glasses for sewing, clip on magnifying glasses for cross stitch, magnifying glass that clips onto glasses and clip-on magnifiers for needlework. 


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Magnifying Glass That Clips Onto Glasses





 Clip on Magnifiers

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 Telesight Clip-On Magnifiers  

The Telesight Clip-On Magnifier is light weight

Optical quality prismatic coated lenses.

Made in U.S.A.

Available in 6 powers 





Clip On Magnifiers

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 Clip On Magnifying Glasses For Crafts - 4 Lens Powers

Clip magnifying glasses on easily attaches to your glasses 

Lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

4 interchangeable powers.

Excellent hands free clip-on magnifying glasses for reading and crafts





 Clip On Magnifiers   

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Clip On Magnifying Glasses For Reading 
Clip on magnifying glasses that turns any pair of regular glasses into strong reading glasses 

Available in three powers and includes pouch. 

Excellent clip-on magnifier for reading and crafts. 




Clip On Magnifiers  

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 5x-7x Monocular High Power Clip-On Magnifiers For Crafts 

Convenient high power hands free clip-on magnifying glasses that

Attaches with ease to most eyeglass frames with two lens powers.






Hat Brim Clip On Magnifiers

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Hat Brim Clip-On Magnifying Glasses 

Hat brim clip-on magnifying glasses that attaches to the brim of most caps and hats and comes with protective soft pouch.

Excellent hat clip-on magnifying glass for outdoor use.

Reading glasses that attach to hat



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   Dome reading magnifier for reading blue prints, maps, small print