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Clip-On Magnifying Glasses Magnifier

Clip-On Magnifying Glasses-Clip-On Magnifier.

Clip-on magnifying glasses and clip-on magnifier products to increase the magnification power of your glasses. Telesight Magnifiers Inc. inventories hands free clip-on magnifiers that are used for reading, fly fishing, crafting, sewing, embroidery, needlework, cross stitch and knitting.


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How will clip-on magnifying glasses help me? Clip-on magnifiers will add extra power to your glasses so that you can read small print and perform detailed tasks such as needlework, beading, sewing, knitting and embroidery.

What power is best? The higher the power the closer you have to be to the magnified image. Choose a power that allows for a a comfortable work distance. This is not necessarily the strongest power. For best results wear your reading glasses.   

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Clip-on Magnifying Glasses-4 Lens Powers
These clip-on magnifying glasses easily attach to your glasses and can be used for reading, sewing, cross stitching, needlework, knitting and quiliting. 


4 different lenses included in the box set: 1.7X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.0X.


Flips-up when magnification is not needed.


clip-on magnifying glasses
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 Clip & Flip Clip-On Magnifier
Flip-up clip-on magnifying glasses that turns any pair of regular glasses into "flip-down" clip-on reading magnifiers. Available in three powers. Clip-on magnifying glasses comes with pouch. Use for reading and hbbies and crafts. 


clip on magnifier-oculens magnifier
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 OcuLens 5x-7x Clip-On Magnifier Monocular 

OcuLens is a convenient clip-on magnifier that attaches with ease to most eyeglass frames. Great for inspection of small parts.  



clip on magnifier-tymate magnifier
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VisorMag Clip-On Magnifying Glasses Hat Brim Magnifier
VisorMag is a set of flip-up clip-on magnifying glass that attach to the brim of most caps and hats. This clip-on  magnifier is perfect for fly-tying and all fly-fishing needs.Complete with protective soft-pouch.


Rules Of Magnification.   

-The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed, and the smaller the field of view.

-As the power of a lens increases, the diameter of the lens decreases.

-Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.

- High power magnifiers, such as 8x must be held steady, or else they will be out of focus.


Telesight Magnifiers Inc. will continue to introduce new clip-on magnifying glasses and clip-on magnifiers in the future.