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Magnifying Glasses For Sewing-Sewing Magnifier- Sewing Magnifying Lamps

Supplier of magnifying glasses for sewing, sewing magnifier, clip-on sewing magnifiers  and sewing magnifying lamp including sewing magnifying floor lamp with light and clip-on sewing magnifiers.

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Types of magnifiers for sewing. Select from our large inventory of fluorescent or led lighted hand, clip-on, desk, table, stand and head wearing magnifiers and magnifying lamps. Why the need for magnification. After the age of about forty, you will experience a problem viewing small print and tasks involving detail tasks such as cross stitching. This eye condition is called presbyopia and magnification is the answer. Selection of a magnifier for sewing. Lighted magnifiers will provide better visual acuity then a non lighted magnifier. The higher the power of the magnifier the smaller the field of view and shorter the focal length.  

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Around the Neck Sewing Magnifier- Hands Free

reading magnifiers-neck2.5x            reading magnifiers-neck2x Lighted    reading magnifiers-neck2X Lighted

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 Hands Free Clip-On Magnifying Glasses For Sewiing  

   clip flip magnifying glass 3 Powers   magnifier-oculens clip-on magnifier 2 Powers


Head Wearing Sewing Magnifying Glass Visor Magnifiers


hands free magnifying visor-lite site magnifier

Lite-Site Sewing Magnifier Visor   

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

Single Plate: Choose from 3 powers. 1.75x,2.25x,2.75x

The Lite-Site  is very light weight visor magnifier and is comfortable to wear. The head magnifier visor has hard coated lenses protect against scratches and reduce glare.  



magnifying visor-hands free-lite site  magnifier


Lite-Site Sewing Magnifying Visor Kit 

3 Lens Plates Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

Light weight visor magnifier is easy to use, and comes with hard coated lens plates (1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X).


 visor magnifier

 Sight-Booster Deluxe | Sewing Magnifying Glass Visor | 3 Lens Plates


Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.


visor magnifier with light.jpg



Sight-Booster Deluxe-Lighted Sewing Magnifier Visor -3 Plates
The LED Lighted Sight-Booster Deluxe Visor Magnifier Kit is a headband magnifying visor that comes with
three binocular visor coated magnifier lens plates.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A



Headband Magnifier-See More Magnifier

See-More Lighted Headband Sewing Magnifier Visor 

This headband magnifying visor has up to 10X magnification with a combination of fixed, flip-up, and monocle lenses.  

Two Lens Plates- Bright dual LED lights-

Includes 2 AAA batteries.

headband magnifying visor with light

MultiPower Lighted Seing Magnifier Visor

  • Multi-Coated Acrylic Lens
  • Magnification: 1.7x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x
  • 4 piece interchangeable lenses
  • Comfortable to wear 

  •  magnifying visor.jpg


    Sight-Booster Sewing Magnifier Visor Kit 2 Lens Plates 

    Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

    Your Choice: Lens Set #1:  1.75X-2.25X
                       Lens Set #2:  2.25X-2.75X


    head visor magnifier.jpg


    Headband Binocular Sewing Magnifier Visor.

    Hands Free, head-worn Magnifier with 4 different lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x. 

    magnifying visor.jpg


    Sight-Booster Sewing Magnifier Visor-Single Plate  

    Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

    Single Plate: Choose from 3 powers.



    Telesight Magnifying Glasses For Sewing 

    Available in 6 Powers-Made in U.S.A.

       low vision magnifiers-telesight half frameHalf                   low vision -telesight full frame Full    
    LED Sewing Magnifying Lamps

     High Output Floor Lamp For Crafts

    High output LED floor lamp with pure white light and adjustable beam. Excellent for crafts, inspection and assembly.

                         FLOOR LAMP FOR READING-CRAFTS

    Unique high intensity beam from pinpoint to wide area lighting.

    floor magnifying lamp 3x

    3X LED Page Floor Sewing Magnifying Floor Lamp Fresnel Lens

    Large lens sewing magnifying floor lamp.

    12 LED Bright daylight viewing3X Magnification.

    Large 8" x 10" Fresnel acrylic optical lens. 


    desk magnifing lamp 3x

    3X LED Lighted Goose-Neck Fresnel Page Sewing Magnifying Lamp

    Goose-neck Lighted Desk Sewing Magnifier
    12 LED Bright Magnification-3X Magnification

    Large Lens 8" x 10" Fresnel acrylic lens



    1.75x/3 Diopter LED Clamp-on Sewing Magnifier Lamp
    24 Ultra Bright LED Lights
    3.5" Diameter Lens--1.75X/ 5 Diopter
    14.5" Swing Arm


    desk magnifying lamp and magnifier lamp

    1.75X/5 Diopter Goose-neck LED Sewing Magnifying Glass Lamp With Base
    24 Ultra Bright LED Lights
    3.5 " Round Lens-1.75X/5 Diopter
    Non-Tilt Base


    magnifying stand lamp

    2X Clamp-On Gooseneck LED Sewing Magnifying Glass Lamp
    2x Goose-Neck LED Lighted Sewing Magnifying Lamp 
    Flexible Clamp-On Arm Goose-Neck Stand Magnifier Lamp.


    desk magnifier lamp-cord-cordless

    2X LED Desk Sewing Magnifying Glass Lamp-Cord Or Cordless

    Goose-neck mounted
    CORD (Plug-In) or CORDLESS (Batteries)  
    Six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs
    Optical grade 3.5" x 2X magnifier lens


    desk magnifier lamp long goose-neck
     2.5X Lighted Sewing Magnifying Glass Lamp Cord Or Cordless

    2.5x Hands Free Lighted Desk/Hand Magnifier
    Cord Or Cordless
    Lens Size:3.5" - 20" Coil


    dek magnifier-led lighted
     2x(6x) |Lighted Sewing Magnifying Glass Lamp Cord/  Cordless
    Desk Magnifier-Cordless Or Plug-In 
    2x LED desk magnifying glass lamp with a 6x power spot lens and a 4 inch crystal clear acrylic lens.
    Item #AAALM-20

    Fluorescent Desk Magnifiers

    desk magnifying lamp

    2.5X Goose-Neck Illuminated Sewing Magnifier Lamp - Fluorescent
    Distortion Free Glass Lens

    Fluorescent Light

    UL approved

    Non-Lighted Desk Sewing Magnifiers
    desk magnifying glass with base 2x

    Goose-Neck Desk Sewing Magnifier Glass With Base 
    Flexible Goose-neck 2X desk sewing magnifier
    Heavy Base. Large 4.5 inch lens
    Use as hobby and crafts magnifier, shop magnifier, workbench magnifier or assembly magnifier.



    goooseneck desk magnifying glass magnifier-clamp-on


    Extra Long Goose-Neck Clamp-On Desk Sewing Magnifier-2X

    Clamp-On desk sewing magnifying glass with large 5 inch lens and 2X power.
    Extra Long Flexible Goose-Neck-18.5 Inches

    3x clamp-on desk magnifying glass
     Desk Sewing Magnifier Goose-Neck Clamp On -3x (12X)

    Clamp-on flexible goose-neck desk sewing magnifying glass. 

    3x power lens with a 12X power bifocal lens insert.
    The lens diameter is 3.5 inches.

    Eye Loupes For Sewing jewelers magnifier 4x jeweiers magnifier 6x jewelers magnifier 8x jewelers magnifier Strap Holder



    Telesight Magnifiers is a supplier of the following sewing magnifier and sewing magfnifying glass products: sewing hands free magnifier, clip-on sewing magnifying glasses, head wearing sewing visor magnifier, headband sewing magnifier, sewing magnifier lamp, neck sewing magnifier, magnifying lamp for sewing, and lighted sewing magnifier.

    Telesight Magnifiers Inc. will introduce new sewing magnifier, sewing magnifying glasses and sewing magnifying lamp products in the future.