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Choosing A Magnifying Glass Magnifier Buyers Guide

   Choosing A Magnifying Glass Magnifier Buyers Guide


 Lighted LED Lighted Magnifying Floor Lamp-Magnifying Glass Lamp        page magnifier lighted-full page magnifying lamp.jpg    magnifying visor-visor magnifier.jpg      Telesight Magnifiers.jpg     Reading Magnifier-Reading Magnifying Glass.jpg        desk magnifier magnifying glass.jpg       

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   Dome reading magnifier for reading blue prints, maps, small print  fresnel magnifier magnifying glass lens.jpg      Low Vision Magnifiers For The Visually Impaired.jpg


 As we age our visual acuity decreases and reading and many other tasks become more difficult and causes eye strain.


This condition is called presbyopia and a magnifier will make reading crafts and hobbies more enjoyable. Other problems that a magnifying glass will be helpful are low visiondegeneration, cataract and glaucoma.


Magnification is also essential in the medical and dental fields as well as

for industry.

Which magnifying glass is best?  It depend on your needs. 

What you should consider in buying a

Hand Held Magnifying Glass


A hand magnifier is compact, portable and inexpensive but after a period of time your hand will tire.

Those with a hand tremor will find hand reading magnifier hard to use  

  • The higher the power the shorter the focal range(work distance) and the smaller the field of view.
  • The high power magnifier may not be the best magnifier for you. 
  • The hand held magnifying glass should be comfortable to hold. 
  • The lens should be distortion free.
  • Lighted or unlighted magnifier.
  • Select a magnifier with a power that will allow you to perform your task at a comfortable distance.


What you should consider in buying a 

Hands Free Magnifying Glass 

Hands free magnifiers are perfect for the person who has to keep both hands free.

Enjoy reading or performing intricate tasks for crafts or model building.

There are many types of hands free magnifiers such as head magnifier, desk magnifier and magnifying lamps. 

Hands free magnifiers are best for long term use. Hand magnifiers are used for a short term .

  • Allows for long duration use.
  • Not portable.
  • Usually more expensive then a hand magnifying glass.
  • Larger viewing area. 
  • Allows use of both hands for reading, crafts and close detail tasks.
  • Cord/Cordless or both.
  • Lighted or unlighted magnifier.

     For best hand free magnifying glass results wear your glasses. 


Types Of Hands Free Magnifying Glass

Binocular Headband Magnifiers

Full Page Magnifiers 

Telesight Magnifiers

Desktop Magnifiers

Magnifying Lamps

Clip on Magnifiers

Dome Magnifiers

Neck Magnifier

Do I Need Magnifying Glass With Light ?

  • A lighted magnifier for will provide better magnification results/ sharper image. 
  • Our magnifiers are either led or fluorescent lighted and provide a soft white light.
  • Lighted magnifiers are available as hand held or hands free magnifier models. 


Information On Full Page Magnifiers For Reading / Crafts.

Need help in reading but an ordinary magnifier only enlarges a small section of the page.               

A full page magnifier will magnify a whole page for easier reading of a book.


What is full page magnifier?

  • A full page magnifier consists of a Fresnel lens that enables large area magnification.
  • Available as a hand held full page magnifying glass or a hands free full page magnifier.
  • Another name for a full page magnifying glass is a magnifying sheet magnifier.


How does a full page magnifying glass work? 

Full page magnifiers have a focal range of up to 4 inches.

Page magnifiers do not lay flat on the page.

Dome magnifiers lay flat on page. 

For best full page magnifier results wear your reading glasses.

Recommended Magnifiers






4X Desktop Hands Free Magnifying Glass With Light

New - High Power Distortion Free Lens

  • 30 high brightness leds
  • Brightness dimmer on/off switch from 0-100%
  • Polished glass magnifier lens 
  • Magnification power of 4X.
  • Lens size 4.3".


Recommended Hand Held Magnifiers

 LED lighted reading magnifiers for a soft white illumination

      4X       5X 


    7X         2x        





Portable Digital Hand- Book Magnifying Glass On Stand  

book magnifie with stand.jpg book magnifier rwith stand.jpg LIGHTED BOOK  MAGNIFIER.jpg   

Magnification of 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X, & 15X
  • 3.5 inch screen. No distortion.
  • Book magnifier for reading for with light.
  • Magnifying book reader that is hands free or hand held.
  • Price $79.95





Recommended Hands Free Magnifying Glass


Magnifying Eyeglasses For Reading/Crafts/ Industrial Uses. 

  • Hands free magnifying glasses that are available in 6 Powers
  • Made in U.S.A. 
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear.
  • Flip up magnifier when not in use.
  • Prismatic coated abrasion resistant lenses.   





Binocular Headband Magnifiers

Headband magnifiers provide more magnification then ordinary glasses and are hands free. 

Magnifying headband glasses are used for reading, crafts, electronic assembly, inspection. 


   3 Powers------------ -      4 Powers     




   3 Powers---------  ----1 Power    


 craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-lite site kit3 Powers------------craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-lite site----1 Power 



Clip On Magnifiers

 3 Powers 4 Powers 2 Powers  
A clip on reading magnifier or clip on craft magnifier adds magnification power to your glasses.

Non-Lighted Full Page Magnifying Glass

  3x 7"x10"               3.5x  12"x14 "                    


2x  8"x10"               3x 10" x 12"


   Full Page Magnifier With Light           

           3x                3x Floor



              3X  8"x10"  BOOK MAGNIFYING GLASS LARGE LENS  3x 10"x12"           



The advantage of a full page magnifier is that it is a whole page magnifier. 

This type of full page magnifying glass has a focal range of up to 4 inches.

 Does not lay flat on the page

This type of page size magnifier is often called a magnifying sheet.


Magnifier Lamps            

Many industrial and craft applications such as electronic assembly and inspection.

Excellent bench magnifiers.



LED Craft Magnifier Lamps  



       1.75x                  175x/2.25x                       1.75X                   2.25X 7" Lens  



 Fluorescent Craft Magnifier Lamps


       3x         1.75X           175X


Magnifier lamps offer the dual benefits of hands free magnification plus a built in light source.



FLAT RATE POSTAGE $8.00: Pay $8.00 postage for first item ordered. Free postage on all your next items. You may mix and match. Your postage will always be $8.00 per order. Domestic Orders Only.  Alaska/Hawaii/U.S. Possessions: We will notify you of extra postage of heavier weight items such as magnifying lamps. 




Magnifier Information 

 After the age of about forty you will experience a problem viewing small print and tasks involving close detail work. This eye condition is called presbyopia and magnification is the answer. Shop our large selection of magnifying glass for embroidery work and embroidery magnifying lamps.


 What type magnifier is best? Hand held magnifiers are best for short duration use and a magnifying lamp or hands free magnifier with stand are best for long duration use. 


Magnifier glass power and work distance: Select magnifiers with a power that will allow you to perform your task at a comfortable distance. The higher the power of the magnifier the shorter the focal range(work distance) and the smaller the field of view.






 Focal Range











































 Image result for free printable vision chart"

  Eye-chart provided by Wikipedia



The high power magnifier may not be the best magnifier for you. Our large magnifier selection can help

those with presbyopia and macular degeneration



How does a magnifying glass work? 

A magnifying glass is a lens through which can be used to make things appear bigger, so you can see them better. It is used in many applications and manual operations, e.g., for examining postage stamps in philately.

The magnifying glass consists of a piece of convex shaped glass or plastic. It has to be held at the right distance between the eye and the object for the object to be in focus. The magnifying glass usually comes with a handle. A telescope is a more advanced kind of magnifying glass and consists of at least two glass lenses.

Spectacles or eyeglasses also use lenses to correct a person's vision.



What is a Jewelers Loupe?

Magnifying glasses typically have low magnifying power: 2×–6×, with the lower-power types being much more common. At higher magnifications, the image quality of a simple magnifying glass becomes poor due to optical aberrations, particularly spherical aberration.



When more magnification or a better image is required, other types of hand magnifier are typically used. A Coddington magnifier provides higher magnification with improved image quality. Even better images can be obtained with a multiple-lens magnifier, such as a Hastings triplet. High power magnifiers are sometimes mounted in a cylindrical or conical holder with no handle. This is called a loupe.


Such magnifiers can reach up to about 30×, and at these magnifications the aperture of the magnifier becomes very small and it must be placed very close to both the object and the eye. For more convenient use or for magnification beyond about 30×, one must instead use a microscope.



 Loupes are employed to assist watchmakers in assembling mechanical watches. Many aspects require the use of the loupe, in particular the assembly of the watch mechanism itself, the assembly and details of the watch dial, as well as the formation of the watch strap and installation of precious stones onto the watch face.


Analog (film) photographers use loupes to review, edit or analyze negatives and slides on a light table. Typical magnifications for viewing slides full-frame depend on image format; 35 mm frames (24×36 mm slides to 38×38 mm superslides) are best viewed at ca. 5×, while ca. 3× is optimal for viewing medium format slides (6×4.5 cm / 6×6 cm / 6×7 cm). Often, a 10× loupe is used to examine critical sharpness. 



Offset and flexographic printing see frequent use of loupes in order to carefully analyze how ink lies on paper. Strippers use loupes in order to register film separations to one another. Pressmen use them to check registration of colors, estimate dot-gain, and diagnose issues with roller pressure and chemistry based on the shape of individual dots and rosettes.



Field Of View: The size of the area being magnified when viewing through a magnifying lens. The higher the power of the  magnifier the smaller the field of view.


Diopter: Diopter is a measurement that is used to calculate the power of a magnifying lens. The higher diopter will provide higher magnification. Diopter is expressed as "D"



Power: Power is how large an object or print increases as you look through a lens. Magnifying power is expressed as "X"


Focal Length: 

 Measurement from the center of the lens to to the object and be in focus


Focal Range:

The distance from the magnifying lens to the object being viewed.  


Fresnel Magnifier: A flat magnifier consisting of concentric circles that can be a full page reading magnifier.


Visual impairment (or vision impairment) is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses or medication. Our low vision magnifiers can be of help. 


Rules Of Magnification.   

  • The higher the power of the lens, the closer you must get to the object being viewed and the smaller the field of view.
  • As the power of a lens increases the diameter of the lens decreases.
  • Diopter is a term used to determine the power(magnification}of a lens. The terms are sometimes confused.


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